How do I reload or top up with JUSTPAYTO?

Simply visit these URLs to reload or top-up using JUSTPAYTO:

Here are the requirements to reload or top-up with JUSTPAYTO:

  • Any internet-enabled device (Laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.)
  • Basic information (Full name, email address, phone number)
  • Account details
    • Autosweep RFID: Plate no. for Autosweep RFID premium users and ATG no. for Autosweep RFID To Go users.
    • Easytrip RFID: Easytrip RFID Account Number
    • beep™: beep™ card number for beep™ top-up
  • Payment Method
    • Visa/Mastercard: Credit card details (Card number, expiry date, CVC) 
    • Bank Fund Transfer: Log-in credentials (username/email, password)
    • Online Banking: Access to your bank's web portal or mobile app

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